November 18, 2009

As we all know that in the life of a Marine it is very important to be able to answer the question, “Where is my old buddy?  Is he still alive? Where is he living now?  I wonder if he still remembers when we did ….?”  This is one of the reasons we have reunions, to keep in touch with our friends, our brothers. For the past 48 years a lot has happened to you that your buddy might like to know about.  But first we have to find each other.  Below is a roster taken from the VMF (AW) 115 cruise book.  If the reader knows any of these Marines and would like to contact them, you can send me an email at: usmcaw115@yahoo.com.  Please include a short message, and I will forward your email to that person.  Also, I have a request that if you know the whereabouts of any one on this list, please have them contact me at the above email address.

NOTE: The name with the ~ are the only ones I have current information about.


Around the corner, I have a friend

in this great city that has no end.

Yet days go by and weeks rush on,

and before I know it, a year has gone.

So I never see my old friend’s face,

for life is a swift and terrible race.

He knows that I like him just as well,

as in the days when I rang his bell.

And he rang mine - we were young then,

but now we’re tired, busy men.

Tired with trying to make a name,

“Tomorrow”, I say, “I’ll call him.”

But tomorrow comes, and tomorrow goes,

and the distance between us grows and grows.

Around the corner - yet miles away,

“Here’s a telegram, Sir” - Jim died today.

And that’s what we get, and deserve in the end,

around the corner, a vanished friend.

Author unknown


Let’s Stay in touch!

I would like to propose a toast: Here Here Here. “Here is to the Marines that are older than I. Thank you for setting the standards and the tradition of the Marine Corp. To the Marines that are younger then I, thank you for keeping those standards and the traditions”. Because of us all doing our part we all can claim the title of a:


Semper Fi

Herb Weickum



Lt. Colonel R.S. Hemstad (Deceased)

~ Major W. Shanks, Jr.

 Sergeant Major S.W. Peters

Major A.W. O’Donnell (Deceased)

 ~ Major P.D. Shutler

 Major W.W. Campbell (Deceased)

 Captain R.C. Marsh

 Captain R.J. Divoly (Deceased)

 Captain R.S. Villareal

 Captain T.E. Bradley (Deceased)

 ~Captain H.T. Berwald, Jr.

 ~ Captain M.J. Burns

 Captain G.G. Jacks (Deceased)

 Captain R.T. Roche (Deceased)

~ Captain P.F. Lottsfeldt

Captain A.J. Sautter (Deceased 1 - ‘08)

Captain M. Davis

~1st Lieutenant J.C. Byram

1st Lieutenant D.R. McGrath

~ 1st Lieutenant J.M. Kruthers

1st Lieutenant J.L.H. Mason, Jr. (Deceased)

~ 1st Lieutenant C.W. Heinzerling

~1st Lieutenant W.E. Chase

~1st Lieutenant A.C. Lenz

1st Lieutenant E.E. Hatch (Deceased)

~ 1st Lieutenant W.F. Horner

~ 1st Lieutenant C.M. Lacroix

~1st Lieutenant S.S. Reves

~ 1st Lieutenant L.K. Grissett

1st Lieutenant J.W. Butler (Deaceased)

Lieutenant R.A. Meyer, USN

Chaplain Regan

Chaplain Brewer



J.E. Adams

M. Smith

W.W. Shelton

~ L.B. Berg

N. Parks

~ R.S. Wolenski

~H.R. Sutton



D.M. Carnell

W.E. Roberts (Deceased)

~ D.A. Ravanesi

G.S. Holden

J.P. Mannion, Jr.



N.G. Miller

J.L. Patton (Deceased)

J.R. Garrett

~N.I. Shaddinger

M.J. Bryant (Deceased)

~ R.M. Scriber

~ B.J. Breaux

~ D.M. Jones

~ C.A. O’Connor

~M.A. Van Camp







~ = known address


R.W. Palaski

R.H. Coughlin

~ S.A. Mullendore

L.B. Shevenell (Deceased)

K.W. Eskew

W. Colbert

J.E. Ramos

L.F. Weikel

~C.D. Caudill

D.R. Marshall

J.C. Kendall

~E.P. Krawiec

R.D. Collision



R.W. Palaski

R.H. Coughlin

~ S.A. Mullendore

L.B. Shevenell (Deceased)

K.W. Eskew

W. Colbert

J.E. Ramos

L.F. Weikel

~C.D. Caudill

D.R. Marshall

J.C. Kendall

~E.P. Krawiec

R.D. Collision



J.S. Goff

~ G.W. Schulenberg

L. LaRiva

~ A.S. Heflin

C.K. Peterson

L.G. Gabos (Deceased)

A.W. Bradway

J.A. Wegman (Deceased)

~ A.A. Rabe

~ T.W. Flanik

G.L. Writesel



C.C. Brown

~ D.L. Umphress

T.A. Verhovshek (Deceased)

P.J. Waske (Deaceaed)

H.F. Jackson

J.L. Hodgkins (Deceased)

J.D. Deese (Deceased)


R.R. Larson

~P.F. Bancroft

G.L. Summers

B.F. Wilson (Deceased)

~W.T. Aron

R.D. Wilberg

B.G. Sharp

~R.C. Walter

J.D. Kelleher

K.L. Edwards

S.J. Martin







~N.R. Klessig

T.R. Kennedy

~ R.J. Blankenship

~ E.J. Meyhoefer (Deceased)

P.B. Kinney

~ H.L. Cullins

~J.A. Mariano

D.R. Kemper (Deaceased)

G.W. Doolittle (Deaceased)



A.A. Miller

J.A. George

B.L. McBride

W.R. Bertagnolli (Deceased)

L.A. Chavez

W.D. Miller

~ M.A. Casey

L.N. Cordahl

J.B. Proebstel (Deceased)

P.L. Humbird (Deceased)

J.P. Craft (Deceased)

~ D. Ratcliffe

E.P. Ewing (Deceased)

~ J. Kukuda

L.E. Sensebe



~R.G. Cody

~ W.E. Cruikshank

D.C. Vetter

C.D. Holcomb

R.A. Redmond

~R.J. Dudas



R.F Golon (Deceased)

E.J. Abell (Deceased)

H.L. Bracken (Deceased)

~E.L. Means

J.R. Hughes

F.A. Becker (Deceased)

~ M.E. Holland

E.R. Dawson

~D.L. Crooks

J.S. Hall (Deceased)

C.W. Thomas

~G.W. Rush

~G.W. Bland

L.H. Rambo

D.W. Carpenter

K.R. Proctor






L. Delcon

~L.L. Elem

~K.E. Munger

~ D.L. Peters

~ E.S. Pearson

~ D.G. Farris

~ C.J. Scozzari

G.D. Powell

~R.E. Nichols

~L.C. Lacoste

~ N.B. Cundieff

~ G.A. Crickman

~ S.J. Kish

L.F. Slaven

~ H.D. Keller

~ S.A. Miklaszeski (Deceased)

~ J.P. Weber

E.M. Jaseicki


D.E. Schiff

~J.E. Kilen

J. Burt

~ D.E. Young

P.D. Wright (Deceased)

F.S. Picou (Deceased)

R.W. Lovelace (Deceased)

W.C. Faris

~ G.S. Dove (Deceased)

D.D.B. Johnson

C.E. Hughes (Deceased)



D.A. Williams

R.V. Keller

R.L. Christensen (Deceased)

~ H.L. Weickum

~ G.B. Roche

L.T. Berry

~F.W. Mormile

~P.J. Burr

R.L. Junjak (Deceased)

~ W.R. Blekicki (Deceased)

E.P. Long

~ R.L. Darling

J.V. Gonzales

J.C. Marien

~ M.A. Johnson



B.G. Gardner

~ J.W. Hairfield

G.R. Baker (Deaseased)

P.H. Smith

J.D. Blevins

G.D. Jennings (Deceased)

~ W.P. Magda

~ J.E. Fox

R.L. Hays

~ M.J. Griffis

~ S. Caban (Deceased 10-07-05)

~ C.H. Friis

J.S. Hancock

G.T. Brown

T.V. Nefstead

~ K.E. Fritz

J.M. Chandler

~ J.D. Underwood

~ G.R. Valesky