Our condolences go out to the families of Jake Stub and Frank Hooks.

  News of Jake's passing reached us last week. At 85 he was the oldest pilot of the original VMF-115 squadron still with us and he was a regular at the annual reunions.  Jake did the honors as guest speaker at the 2003 reunion. According to a write-up in the September 2003 newsletter, "Jake Stub was called "General" by the enlisted men.  It was their way of showing respect for a great leader, top pilot and officer." In WWII, he was credited with downing four Japanese aircraft.  Jacob O. Stub was living in Nevada prior to his death.

 Captain Franklin R. Hooks II, age 32, lost his life this past weekend in an accident as his F/A-18+ went down on a training mission in the eastern Atlantic Ocean.  He was flying off the USS Harry Truman.  Captain Hooks was the point man for the '03 reunion.  He did much of the planning for the squadron's 60th anniversary celebration while still at sea participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom. In fact, he set up this home page which he graciously transferred to the association for our use following the reunion.  Capt. Hooks' Hornet was on static display in the 115 hangar for reunion goers to see up close and even sit in its cockpit (aircraft 211, his call sign "Puj").  Frank lived in Beaufort with his wife, Cindy.

  The 115 Reunion Association thanks these two Marines for their service to our country and for the examples they set for us to follow.  We will miss Jake and Frank more than words can ever say.  Godspeed, Sirs.