(notification from Lynn Hagen regarding JOHN B. MAAS)

"In the last Leatherneck magazine is the obituary of John B. Mass, who passed away at 85.  The obituary gives credit for 380 missions in two wars with 5.5 kills, and credited with being in VMF-112 and VMF-322.  He died August 7, 2005."

(entry for Col. Maas at http://www.wwiimemorial.com)

Activity during WWII

Marine Fighter Pilot.  He was in the first Marine Squadron to land and fight at Guadalcanal in 1942.  He was a fighter pilot all through the war in the Pacific.  He was a much decorated Major at the end of the war.

(notation in Fall 2004 Newsletter)

An email from Matthew Peck in July, a former XO of the VMFA-115 in Vietnam, dropped a note stating that Col. Maas is a really top notch Marine. His email said that Col. Maas is  known far and wide as "Blue Lead", his call sign at 115/K-3 in Korea.

(2004 reunion attendees)

Will remember that Col. Maas was the featured speaker at our banquet.  He was CO of The Silver Eagles from September 52 to January 53.  We are truly sorry to hear of his passing.